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The archives of the Maritime Museum contain documents related to shipping or leisure craft in one way or another. A major category is drawings of various ships and boats. The museum is also the holder of the archives of the famous Swedish 18th century shipbuilder, F. H. af Chapman, with both written documents and drawings.

 The archives contain drawings and written documents on shipbuilding from several Swedish shipyards. Among the bigger collections are those from Bergsunds mekaniska verkstad (Bergsund’s Engineering Workshops) and Södra varvet (the Southern Shipyard) in Stockholm. These collections contain mainly drawings, but some shipyard collections also include other documents such as building contracts and accounts.

Leisure craft

The collections to do with leisure craft have usually come from boat builders, boat yards or sailing clubs. Among the well-known boat builders represented are C. G. Pettersson, Gustav Estlander, Knud H. Reimers and Olle Enderlein. The documents include some correspondence about designs, advertising material, and contracts and accounts.

From diaries to timetables

The Maritime Museum also holds archives from private individuals who were active within shipping or shipbuilding. These contain sailors’ diaries and letters written when they were at sea. There are also private collections on a specific subject – which might be anything from sea shanties to timetables from passenger ships or documents about channels and wrecks.


Ever since the 1930s, officials at the Maritime Museum have documented Swedish shipping and shipbuilding. This work has consisted of surveys, ethnological field studies or archaeological documentation which has generated reports, field diaries, audio recordings, transcribed interviews and photographs. The archives also contain documentation about earlier exhibitions, both at the Vasa Museum and at the Maritime Museum.


You can search for drawings and documents in various databases. The search functions are only available in Swedish.

The Maritime Museum’s Collections online  enables you to search among 35,000 drawings. Of these, about 10,000 have also been scanned so that you can see the drawing online as well.
• There is also a more advanced search function for the drawings, with the same content as the online search function. To search - enter "Ritningsregister".

• Directories of the contents of the collections from individual donors, businesses and associations can be found on the archive portal, Visual arkiv.

Copies of drawings can be ordered in various formats.

For more information and orders, please contact the Archives. The archives are closed from the 4th of July until the 8th of August.

Telephone: + 46 (0)8-519 549 48


List of larger collections of drawings:


Bergsunds mekaniska verkstad (Bergsund’s Engineering Workshops)
Lindholmens varv (Lindholmen’s Shipyard)
Motala verkstad (Motala Workshops)
Mälarvarvet (the Mälaren Shipyard)
Södra varvet / William Lindbergs verkstad (the Southern Shipyard / William Lindberg’s Workshops)




Abrahamsson, Sven
Anderson, Albert
Brohäll, Per
Enderlein, Olle
Forslund, Gideon
Fröbergs båtvarv (Fröberg’s boat yard)
Herlin, Tore
Holm, Tore
Iversen, Jac
KSSS, Royal Swedish Yacht Club
Lawner, Per
Ljungberg, Knut
Neglingevarvet / Stockholms båtbyggeri AB, Plyms varv (the Neglinge Shipyard / Stockholm Boat Builders AB, Plym’s Shipyard)
Nygren, Axel
Pettersson, C G
Reimers, Knud
Salander, Erik
Sjögren, KE
Smith, Carl
Thorell, Sven
Östlund, Ruben