Over nearly a century, the Maritime Museum has collected approximately 100,000 museum objects that tell stories of maritime activities, both civilian and military, through the ages. The collections have enormous breadth and contain objects of every size – from entire icebreakers and saloon boats to detonators and brass buttons. The Maritime Museum's Collections online enables you to search for objects (in Swedish).

Some of the objects in our collections are shown in our exhibitions. Others are on loan to other museums or other institutions with maritime connections. Most of the objects, however, are kept in storage.

2011 is a year of inventory and digitalisation of our collections so we are spending a lot of our time in our warehouses, going through our nautical treasures. As each object is studied and re-registered, the contents of our collections will grow increasingly clear. New objects, previously not studied in detail, are forever cropping up. We are photographing everything we can and continuously making more objects available on the internet through our search function available in Swedish.

By finding new connections between objects and creating new groups for them, we are gaining a thorough knowledge of what the museum has chosen to do over the years with our shared cultural inheritance of maritime activities.

Would you like to study an object more closely?
Objects and warehouses can be shown by special arrangement.
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