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Apart from an amazing view, the café serves lunch dishes, sandwiches and delicious fika such as bisquits and pastries.

Närbild av Originalmodellen. Tre miniatyrfigurer på däck. I förgrunden detaljer av riggen. I bakgrunden miniatyr kanoner.
Museum Highlights


Highlights selected by curators from the Maritime Museum. Enjoy! 

For kids

For families

Children aged 0-6 are welcome to come and play in a magical part of the Baltic Sea, with submarines, fish, sunken treasures and shipwrecks! For the older ones, there's a creative workshop open on weekends.

Sjöhistoriska museet framifrån. En grupp människor står nedanför museets entrétrappa. Flaggstänger framför museet med hissade svenska flaggor.
History of a museum
History of a Museum

Museum history

Here is the story of how Sweden, after many trials and tribulations, finally in 1938 got its Maritime Museum.



The library of the Maritime Museum is considered to comprise the largest collection of nautical books in the Nordic countries. Open to public Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12 am-4 pm.

Advokatbåten är en traditionell fiskebåt med klinkbyggt träskrov. Den har en förruff med fyra ventiler, en sittbrunn i aktern och en styrhytt. Bakom båten syns båthus på rad.
Ships and Boats
Ships & boats

Ships and boats

Sweden has a long coastline, many lakes, rivers and canals. Throughout history its people have been dependent on the waterways for transporting both goods and people. So sailing vessels are part of our cultural heritage.