Close to the history but with a safe distance from each other

The Maritime Museum is closed due to new advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden in order to slow down local outbreaks and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Stockholm County.


In order to make your visit as safe and secure as possible the museum has taken several precautions. The number of visitors allowed into the museum will be restricted and small spaces closed off e.g. playroom and workshop. Seats will be limited in the indoor area of the café. Visitors will be reminded to follow the rules on social distancing with the help of museum staff and signs. Cleaning will take place more frequently and hand sanitiser will be provided. We encourage payments to be made by card rather than cash.


If you have any questions, email or call the Booking Office:

Email: bokningen.sm@smtm.se 
Telephone : +46-8-519 549 30 (telephone hours: weekdays 09.00-11.00, except public holidays)