The Voyagers is an exhibition about the Swedish East India Company.

Dreams of wealth and knowledge. Or pure and simple curiosity. There were many reasons to take to the sea in the 1700s. It was a voyage fraught with dangers, encounters and conflicts. The Voyagers is an exhibition about Swenska Ost-Indiska Compagniet (the Swedish East India Company).

Curiosity, the desire to travel and money. Science, interest in sailing and marriage. There were a wide variety of reasons to make your way out in the world aboard one of Swenska Ost-Indiska Compagniet's ships. The Voyagers is an exhibition that explores life on board and meetings between people. The exhibition is designed as a voyage where the ship calls at various ports on the way to Canton/Guangzhou in China.Join the crew on the journey to Cadiz, Cape Town, Java, Canton, St Helena and Ascension – a voyage that will take at least a year and a half for a round trip from Gothenburg.

On board you will find the supercargo, who is responsible for the money. There is also the captain, who often ends up in power struggles with the supercargo. In addition, you will find a ship's doctor, chaplain, scientists and crew members – but also stowaways.

It is a multicultural environment, with several nationalities aside from the Swedes. It is damp and mouldy, and temperature swings between cold and heat. The men are crowded by animals destined to become their food. It is a breeding ground for seasickness, scurvy and venereal diseases, where drunkenness and fights are common and mortality is high.

Nonetheless, many chose to defy the poor odds to fulfil their dreams of wealth, adventure or the discovery of new animal and plant species. Climb aboard and set sail at the Maritime Museum!