The library of the Maritime Museum has the largest collection of nautical books in the Nordic countries.

The collection consists mainly of Nordic shipping history in all its different forms. New acquisitions take place all the time with priority being given to Swedish material. Publications from outside the Nordic countries are, of course, taken in when required.

There is an important collection of periodical literature, particularly in the Swedish language, although foreign professional literature is also richly represented. The shipping lists in the library are regarded as the cornerstone of the collection. Lloyd's Register and the Swedish shipping list are both available in complete sets.

There are long runs of pleasure-craft year books, above all from the major sailing clubs in Sweden.

In addition to the above there are also private collections, for example Unger's register of Swedish naval ships 1520–1945; Backström's compilation of Swedish shipping disasters during the Second World War, etc.

Since 1984 the library of the Maritime Museum has registered new acquisitions in the Libris online catalogue, the objective being to have the entire book holdings of the library on computer register within the foreseeable future. Book loans are made using the long-distance loan system in cooperation with the nearest public library.