The Maritime Museum offers maritime archaeological consultancy services. Contact us before planning projects and physical activities on land or under water.

Our maritime archaeologists have wide competence within both marine and land archaeology. Our activities are primarily directed towards wrecks and submerged cultural remains, but investigations are also carried out on land.

We offer different types of maritime archaeological services:

  • information on the whereabouts of ancient sites
  • land use impact assessment on cultural heritage
  • cultural-historical basis for environmental impact reports
  • consultancy/referrals
  • archaeological prospecting
  • archaeological investigations in accordance with the Heritage Act


Head of Cultural Heritage Unit

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness and preserve underwater cultural heritage, while also making it more accessible. We seek to identify cultural sites or ancient remains of archaeological value, identify threats and protect those remains. The greatest threat to underwater cultural heritage is usually in the form of looting of shipwrecks, which comes out of a lack of knowledge related to underwater cultural heritage.


We offer consultancy services in maritime archaeology including; environmental impact assessments, archaeological investigations related to development in the marine sector (underwater cables, wind farms and dredging) and specialized advice. We work both on land and underwater. All archaeological investigations are regulated by the Cultural Heritage Act.


In matters related to conservation and accessibility to maritime cultural heritage, we work both nationally and internationally--with a particular focus on the Baltic. We work with municipalities, county councils and other parties who wish to increase accessibility to archaeological remains under water, even for people who can't dive. By increasing the access to submerged cultural heritage, we increase the general understanding of the veritable treasure trove of cultural remains under the surface of the water.