After the Battle of Öland in 1676 the fleet withdrew to Dalarö. One of the larger vessels in the fleet was Riksäpplet. After a few days at anchor, there was news that the Danish fleet might be heading to Dalarö, so the ships were moved closer to Dalarö Fortress, to lay under the protection of her guns.

A storm takes Riksäpplet

After moving to her new anchorage closer to the fortress a storm blew up in the night. The men on board were worried the ship might be forced onto a rock and decided to ease off the anchor. It went wrong and the heavy ship drifted onto a small skerry and listed to one side. She immediately began to take on water. Despite the efforts of the crew to pump the water out, the Riksäpplet sank.

Blown up for furniture

In the 1920s the wreck of Riksäpplet was still very well preserved. However, due to the desire for black oak for furniture making, she was blown up and many parts of her were salvaged.