Just 18 meters underwater in Dalarö's harbor is the fluyt ship Anna Maria, which sank in 1709. A fluyt was a Dutch type of merchant ship characterized by inward sloping sides (tumblehome). Part of her cargo can still be seen in the wreck today.

Anna Maria catches fire!

Thanks to preserved court records from May 6, 1709, we know how The Anna Maria sank. The Anna Maria was loaded with cargo and bound for Portugal. However, due to a particularly cold winter several ships, including The Anna Maria, ended up frozen in Dalarö's harbor. Most of the crew were sent home, but five were left to watch over the ship until the ice broke up and she could sail on.

According to the court records, the crew members on board had lit a fire in the galley for warmth and to cook food. After eating dinner they extinguished the fire by covering it with ashes. They then went ashore to visit the harbor's pub. As they sat there they heard shouts from harbor workers. The Anna Maria was on fire!

To Jail

The galley fire had relit and spread to the cargo of wooden planks. Most of the ship stern burned heavily to the waterline. Then the ship took on water and sank through the ice. The trial resulted in a sentence of eight days with bread and water for two of the men and four days for the rest.