About the Website

The website is made with responsive design, which means that it is adapted to be displayed on a computer, on a mobile phone and on a tablet.

Web browser

The website works and is displayed best with the latest versions of modern web browsers, such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari


In some cases, the website uses JavaScript, but for units that cannot support it, there are alternative solutions that mean that all users get the same functionality.


PDF documents

There are also documents on the website in the PDF file format to download. In order to read these documents, an external program in addition to the web browser is sometimes required. An example of free programs that can read PDF files is Adobe Reader.


The website works with BrowseAloud. BrowseAloud is an aid that means that the web speaks. BrowseAloud reads websites and PDF files aloud, marks the text that is read aloud, saves read speech as MP3 files and gives you the possibility of using a reading ruler or cut-out to keep focus on what you are reading. BrowseAloud is free for you as a user. To get started and use BrowseAloud, you must begin by downloading the BrowseAloud program.

Text spacing and zoom

You can use the web browser’s built-in functions to zoom in and change spacing in text. In most modern web browsers, you zoom in by pressing Ctrl/Cmd and + or Ctrl/Cmd and - to zoom out. You can also increase the spacing between characters, words, lines and paragraphs using, for example, your web browser or a magnification aid.

Keyboard navigation

You can navigate on the website with a key using different
keyboard commands. The content on the website has a logical order to make it easier for you to navigate using the keyboard. You may need to adjust settings in your web browser for the tabbing to be turned on or to work optimally. The website uses no keyboard commands of its own, which means that you can use your keyboard just like usual.

Examples of common keyboard commands:

  • Press Tab to step between interactive elements.
  • Press Enter or the space bar to activate an interactive element that is in focus
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate within an interactive element

Open links

Internal links

Internal links are opened in the same tab or the same window.

External links

External links are marked with the text “external website” and are opened in a new tab or new window.

PDF documents

PDF documents are marked with the text “pdf” and are opened in a new tab or new window.

Email addresses

Email addresses are linked and are opened in a new tab or new window.

Phone numbers

Phone numbers are linked and are opened in a new tab or new window.


The website is developed according to the requirements set according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 level AA. Please read the Web Accessibility review for more information.